Getting Started

A new round of CFK members going through our OnRamp course.

A new round of Knights PTR members going through our OnRamp course.

Knights PTR is a coached environment. Everyone at Knights has a Coach or a Personal Trainer.

Your first visit to Knights starts with a free workout on us. We’ll have a trainer work with you 1-on-1 to introduce you to the gym. He or she will stay with you the entire time to answer questions and show you the ropes.

Your fitness journey really begins with OnRamp: six training sessions that you can do with a partner or group from work, or alone. You’ll learn to squat, press, deadlift, do pushups, clean, snatch, and some elementary gymnastics exercises. You’ll learn how to make progressions in each from beginner to more advanced, and try out some real workouts (modified for beginners.)

OnRamp is your introduction to the Knights PTR world. You learn new things every day, and then do a quick workout. The Coaches are extemely well-educated, pleasant folks who smile big while they’re pushing you. They care: they want you to find the life that you are after.

OnRamp sets you up for joining the group classes in which ever way best fits your busy schedule.

Getting started is easy, and you’ll love it.


1 + 1 = ?

If KnightsPTR can take this desk jockey out of her office and into a fitness regime, they can do it with anyone. At the times when I was sure I would fail, they have been there encouraging me to press on. Try it for a month and you won’t regret your choice.


I (We) love the community atmosphere at KnightsPTR & that they offer classes for our whole family. It is great to KnightsPTR as a family and get to see each others weaknesses turn into strengths and “I can’t “become “I can “.


If you want to get fit, stay fit or reach a level you never knew existed…. This is the box for you.