A New Day

Hello Knights Knation,

We just wanted to give everyone a little info on the current landscape of the gym. We can consider this our first “State of the Gym” address.

As some of you may have noticed or heard, there is a new name that’s floating around the gym, Knights PTR. Yes, we are changing the name of the gym. It’s something that has been tossed back and forth for some time now. The decision was not arrived at easily or without thought, but in the end we think it best fits where we would like to head in the foreseeable future. Although we are currently stepping away from the previous iteration in a business setting it will not change how we get our fitness on inside the gym. Your workouts will remain to look the same and have the same intent behind them. We are excited to use those resources to help improve the gym and it’s coaches.

So what does it mean? Knights PTR (Performance Training & Rehabilitation) means just that. We’re your place to train to perform better and ,with the addition of some new relationships and offerings, mend yourself if need be. We have a few new things to offer in the near future that we think everyone will be excited about. There is a partnership with a local physical therapist that will be offering some services at the gym as well as hopefully a partnership with a massage therapist. Both are residents of Cookeville and people you already know. We are excited and hope you will be too.

Knights PTR

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