1 / 31 / 2015

There are no classes today. Today is Day 2 of the Throwdown. Come by and watch your fellow Knights compete. You’re going to want to see this!!

Internal Crazy

1 / 30 / 2015

The last class tonight will be the 5:00 class. The Internal Throwdown will start at 6:00. There will be NO CLASSES tomorrow so we can hold day 2 of the Throwdown. If you’re not competing definitely come watch and cheer your fellow Knights on! You’re going to want to see this!!

General Warmup and Core Work. Banded squat. Shoulder wall stretch. Plank holds.

EMOM 6 Min
HSPU x 4

We will start off with a little HSPU skill/strength work. The sets are small so try to keep them strict if you can.

EMOM 10 Min
5 Burpees
10 Situps
Max Rep Air Squats
Score is total Air Squats

The WOD is an EMOM with a slightly new twist on it. Your score is all about how hard you want to go and how much you care to push through the burn. You’ll need to push the pace on the burpees and situps to get yourself some time to get those air squat reps. On the squats make sure we get good depth and a full lockout of the knees and hips at the top.

Post WOD
PVC the quads and the shoulders

1 / 29 / 2015

General Warmup and Core Work. Banded squat and shoulder. PVC front rack MOB.

Big Clean Complex
6 sets of the following complex

Each set is 12 reps performed unbroken:
High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean +Squat Clean + Push Press
High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean +Squat Clean + Push Jerk
High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean +Squat Clean + Split Jerk
Video below
30 Mins to Complete

The ole’ Big Clean Complex. If you are prepared to really push yourself this could be one of the grossest things you do all week. Each complex consists of 12 reps that are to be performed unbroken. The cleaning movements stay the same and the overhead movements get more technical as you progress into each complex. Hook grip is a requirement on this one so if you are still struggling with it now is the time to get better acquainted. Don’t rush the movements in each complex, stay steady and consistent. Keep it looking good.

Post WOD
PVC hamstrings and quads. LAX ball on traps and delts

1 / 28 / 2015

General Warmup and Core Work. Banded shoulder. Forearm MOB.

Row 2 x 500m
80-85% Pace
Starting off with a couple rows. The pace should be a little harder than a warmup pace, around 80 – 85% range.

Amrap 15 Min
6 T2B’s
12 Kbell Swings 1.5 / 1
24 Double Unders

The WOD is a mid-time domain, grip and shoulder intense affair. Pace will be very important here because rounds will be very fast, especially in the beginning.

Post WOD
LAX ball the shoulders and forearms. Roll lats

1 / 27 / 2015

General Warmup and Core Work. Banded front rack stretch. Banded squat and lat MOBs.

EMOM 6 Min
Ring Dips x 6

We are going to start off with some ring dips to continue working this movement as a strength/skill.

2 Person Team
For Time:
Thruster 155/95

The WOD is a team event with a slightly different structuring than we have done before. Partner 1 will execute the first set of Thrusters at the same time Partner 2 will execute the first set of pullups. Once both are finished they will swap, Partner 1 will now do the first set of pullups and Partner 2 will do the first set of thrusters. Both partners will do all the reps of both movements. You’ll have to push hard because neither partner can move on till each tandem set is completed by both teammates.

Post WOD
Got to hit the quads with the PVC for sure then work on the lats and triceps.

1 / 26 / 2015

Due to the Internal Throwdown this weekend the last class Friday evening will be 5:00 pm. We will start the competition shortly after 6:00 pm. Also, there will be no classes on Saturday Jan 31. We will be running the competition most of the day.
Come watch and cheer someone on!!!!

General Warmup and Core Work. No need to do a lot of specific things today. Just need to be warm. Best way to accomplish that is some burpees. So let’s do a quick little EMOM of them to get off on the right foot,

EMOM 5 min
7 Burpees
Nice and steady, control your tempo.

With the remainder of class time complete:

Max Time L-Sit Hold
3 attempts

Max Time Chin over Bar Hold
3 attempts

Max Rep Unbroken Push-ups
1 attempt
rest only in top plank position

Today is definitely is not a traditional style of workout. Today is all about having fun. There are 3 different skill tests today and you can attempt them at your own pace and in whatever order you choose. The L-Sit can be done several different ways but our suggestion is heavy kettlebells or plates stacked up. The Chin-Over-Bar hold is pretty simple, get your chin over a pull-up bar and keep it there are long as you can. On the push-ups, let’s keep them looking legit. All the way down and all the way up, you can rest in the top plank position but if you knees bend you’re done. Have fun guys.

Post WOD
No real need to target anything super specific after today’s WOD. If your shoulders feel burnt after the push-ups hit them with a LAX ball.

1 / 24 / 2015

General warmup & core. Hit the hip, squat, calves and pec/shoulder.

For Time
Row, 1000m
6 Rounds
10 Wall Balls, 20 / 14
15 Push-ups
30 Double Unders

Post WOD
Roll quads, hams, calves. Lax ball T-spine, delts & pecs

1 / 23 / 2014

General warmup & core. Snatch technique work and lat, overhead and hip mobility.

Snatch (Full)
Work up to a heavy touch and go set of 2

Pendlay Row
4 sets of 10 reps

Post WOD
Roll lats, quads & hamstrings. Lax ball delts and t-spine

1 / 22 / 2015

General warmup & core. Front rack, lat & hip mobility is the focus today.

Back Squat
5 sets of 5 reps

6 Rounds
3 Power Clean, 185 / 125
6 Box Jumps, 30 / 24
12 Situps

Post WOD
Roll quads, hamstrings and calves

1 / 21 / 2015

General warmup & core. Hips, hamstrings, and overhead position.

2 Person Teams
Amrap 15 min
10 Deadlifts, 185 / 135
*Partners alternate every round

Post WOD
Roll glutes & hamstrings. Lax Ball delts