12 / 17 / 2014

General warmup. Focus in on the shoulders, hip, calves and chest today.

Strict Press
5 x 5 (every 2 min)
add 5-10# from week 10 (12/3)

Just like Monday’s Overhead Squats, this is the last day for the Strict Press / HSPU cycle. Continue to do all of the little things to make these as strong as possible.

2-3 Person Teams
For Time

40 Calorie Row
20 Ring Dips
20 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
40 Wall Balls (20/14)

For the WOD we will break into teams of 2 or 3 for a waterfall style chipper. Person 1 starts the workout. After they complete the row they move on to Ring Dips, and person 2 starts on the rower. As soon as the last teammate completes the Wall Balls the workout ends.

Post WOD
Roll quads, hamstrings, calves, achilles and triceps

12 / 16 / 2014

General warmup. We will work on the shoulders, front rack and upper back. Part of our warmup will include 2 – 500m rows. 75 to 80% pace on each of these.

Row, 2 x 500m

Open WOD 13.4
Amrap 7 min

3, 6, 9, 12……
Clean & Jerk, 135 / 95

Time to start preparing our minds and our bodies for Open Season! This one is a burner. You’ll want to be moving right out of the gate, but beware that the reps and the movements sneak up on you very quickly. Catch your breath a minute, then we will spend 8 – 10 minutes on some accessory work. Leave the weight on the bar from the WOD, unless it is too heavy to do 5 nice, strict reps.

Pendlay Row
5 x 5
10 supermans between sets

Post WOD
Lax your lats, t-spine and traps

12 / 15 / 2014

General warmup. We start by getting the shoulders ready for lots of work.

OH Squat
2 x 10 (w/ 2 sec pause)
same weight as week 11 (12/8)

Front Squat
5 x 5
add 5-10# from week 10 (12/1)

3 Rounds
20 Front Squats, 95 / 65
20 Pushups

This finishes up the Overhead Squat cycle. 10 solid, unbroken reps w/ a long two second pause. We hope everyone feels more comfortable in that position. Front Squats will be the heaviest we have done during this 12 week cycle. Elbows high and wide through the whole range of motion, and squeeze your shoulder blades together. In the WOD, try to get the work done unbroken. It is meant to be light and fast. There won’t be much of a time cap.

Post WOD
Roll your quads and lats and lax your t-spine & chest

12 / 13 / 2014

General warmup. Hips, hamstrings, calves and lats.

For Time
“Weekend at Jackie’s”
1000m Row
50 Thrusters, 45 / 35
30 Pullups
500m Row
25 Thrusters, 65 / 55
15 C2B Pullups

Pacing…. will be an important component of today. You’ll want to pick a slightly slower pace on your 1000m than you’re accustomed to. Be efficient on your thrusters, use your hips to get the bar moving. It is light, but your shoulders could use the break for the pullups and the next cycle.  Once your back to the 500m row pick a pace and keep it. Try not to fall off too bad. The thrusters will get heavier this round so definitely hit your positions and be efficient. The pullups are now C2B.

Post WOD
Roll lats, hamstring & quads. Hit the shoulders & upper back with a Lax ball

12 / 12 / 2014

General warmup. Hamstrings. front rack, hips and lats are the targets today.

Barbell Complex
Every 2 min
10 Deadlifts
8 Hang Power Cleans
6 Back Rack Lunges
You will complete this cycle 6 times

The goal is to get through the complex unbroken and add weight each time. Be careful with your loading, don’t bite off too much too soon.

Pendlay Row
4 sets x 10 reps
Lighter weight with a nice controlled pull

Post WOD
Roll hamstrings, glutes, lats and focus on soft tissue work on the upper back and shoulders

12 / 11 / 2014

General warmup & core. We will hit the lats and sholders along with the chest and calves.

OH plate situp
Double Unders
K Bell Snatch or Swings, 1.5 / 1
Dips or Pushups

Here is the low down: the work rest interval is 20 seconds on 20 seconds off. Slightly different, we know. You will complete 4 rounds of the OH Plate Situps and then move on to the next movement. After you have completed the 4 round cycle with each movement you will start back at the beginning and complete it again. So it will look like this:

OH Plate Situp x 4
Double Unders x 4
K Bell Snatch/Swing x 4
Pushup/Dip x 4
OH Plate Situp x 4
Double Unders x 4
K Bell Snatch/Swing x 4
Pushup/Dip x 4

Post WOD
Core stretch, roll calves, lax ball chest/shoulder and traps.

12 / 10 / 2014

General warmup. Shoulders, hips and hamstrings.

12 min clock
4 sets max reps
add 1 rep to your total or a tougher scale
from week 9 (11/26)

6 x 3 @65%
*dead start / slow decent

We’re working on HSPUs again. The goal is to add 1 rep to the total or turn up the heat with a tougher scale. Now, for the deadlifts we are dropping the percentage but adding a slow decent. Each rep will be a dead start and a focus on hitting the correct positions on the way down by slowly and under control lowering the bar. This will fire up the posterior chain.

Post WOD
Roll glutes and hamstrings. LAX ball delts and t-spine.

12 / 9 / 2014

General warmup.
Today we will focus on opening up the hips and shoulders for the front rack.

Clean & Jerk
12 minutes to work up to a heavy single

2 Person Teams
Amrap 15 min
3, 6, 9, 12…..
Power Clean, 155 / 105
Box Jumps, 24 / 20

Partner 1 will complete 3 & 3 then partner 2 completes 3 & 3. Contiue up the ladder as far as you can.

Post WOD
Roll hams, calves & quads.

12 / 8 / 2014

General warmup. We will be working on hips, squat position and the overhead position.

OH Squat
2 x 10 (w/ 2 sec pause)
add 5# from week 10 (12/1)

Back Squat
5 x 5 (every 2 min)
add 5-10# from week 9 (11/24)

21 – 15 – 9
Wall Balls, 20 / 14
Ring Row
The goal is unbroken wall balls the entire way
7 min cap

We are nearing the end of our squat cycle. This week we are adding 5# to the OH Squat and 5-10# to the back squats. As always, focus on your positions and keep the reps clean. The WOD is a burner. You’re shooting for unbroken reps on the wall balls and keeping the rows as strict as possible. You only have 7 minutes so you have to MOVE!

Post WOD
Roll quads, lats and soft tissue work on delts and t-spine

12 / 6 / 2014

3 Person Teams
30 minute Amrap
Row, 250m
Max Rep Bench Press
*pick a weight that allows you 10+ reps when fresh
*score it total weight moved