12 / 30 / 2014

General warmup. Our focus will be on opening up the overhead position through the lats, t-spine and delts.

EMOM 10 min
Evens: 6-8 C2B Pullups
Odd: 5-7 Strict HSPU

On the EMOM pick a number of reps to do each time and try to stick to it. Scale the movements as necessary, but try to push yourself to do as difficult a scale as you can.

3 Person Teams
5 Rounds

Min 1: Row for Calories
Min 2: Double Unders
Min 3: Rest

The WOD starts with one person rowing, one person doing Double Unders and one person resting. Each minute, rotate to the next station. Score is calories and Double Under reps.

Post WOD
Roll lats & calves. Lax Ball delts and t-spine

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