9 / 8 / 2014

General warmup.  Squat mobility along with Overhead position and ankle MOBs.

Every 2 min for 6 sets
Back Squat x 1@95%

Every 2 min for 6 rounds
5 Power Snatch @65%
20 Double Unders
10 Air Squats

Singles day for the back squat. These will be heavy! Remember to brace yourself before unracking your weight.  Initiate with your hips and keep your back flat and chest up. Don’t let your knees dive in at the bottom.
For the WOD, you should go hard every round.  Your power snatch weight should be at 65% of your 1RM power snatch.  Focus on making the air squats look as good as possible.

Post WOD
Roll out your quads, hamstrings and LAX ball T-Spine.

9 / 6 / 2014

General warmup.  Achilles and calf MOBs. Banded shoulder and front rack.

2 Person Teams
For Time
Row 100 calories (split into 25 cal w/ 100m sprint)
60 Burpee over Bar
60 Hang Power Cleans, 135 / 95

Ok, so here is how this is going to work:  Partner 1 will Row 25 calories and then run 100m.  Once partner 1 gets back, partner 2 will then start their 25 calorie row and they will finish with a 100m run.  Then switch back.  You may share the rest of the reps however you wish.

Post WOD
Roll calves and what else ails ya.

9 / 5 / 2014

General warmup.  Shoulder MOB to set the overhead position in the press and HSPU. Banded hamstring MOB to loosen up for the deadlifts.

EMOM 6 minutes
Strict Press x 4@75%

15 – 12 – 9
Deadlift, 225 / 155 (clean grip)

For the strict press today we are doing 4 reps in a set.  So especially on the last rep remember that you should be full of air with a tight core and your butt squeezed.  For the WOD there is one caveat, the deadlifts must have a clean grip style (like a power clean). The focus here is on positional strength.  So focus on tight lats as you descend for the next rep to keep the bar path in a straight line.

Post WOD
Roll hamstrings and LAX ball work on the shoulders.

9 / 4 / 2014

General warmup. Front rack MOB to help keep the elbows high.  Hip and ankle MOB to keep the posture upright.

Every 2:30 for 6 sets
Front Squat x 2@101%

3 Person Teams
Amrap 10 min
Row 250m
10 Burpees

Here it is! Big numbers. It’s time to put all these weeks of heavy sets and reps to use. We are adding 1% to your max front squat when we started the cycle…… For Sets of Two!!  Points of Performance:  Tight and engaged before you unrack your bar, big breath from the diaphragm, elbows high, hips back, knees out…..CHEST UP!
For the partner WOD:  Partner 1 will start the row, once they are finished partner 2 may begin the row while partner 1 is finishing up the burpees….and so on.

Post WOD
Roll out calves, quads, hamstrings and T-Spine.

9 / 3 / 2014

General warmup. Ankle MOB.  Lat and shoulder MOBs to help with the overhead positions of the pullup and K Bell swing.

Every 2 minutes for 18 minutes
20 Double Unders
5 Strict Pullups
8 K Bell Swings, 1.5 / 1

More interval work today.  Be efficient with your double unders.  Engage your upper back and lats on your pullups (don’t rely only on your arms).  Push the kettle bell out with your hips.  Pulling the kettle bell up here will have an affect on your pullups and double unders.

Post WOD
Roll out calves and lats.  LAX ball T-Spine

9 / 2 / 2014

General warmup.  Squat and ankle MOBs plus front rack MOB to improve front rack for the power cleans.

Every 2 min for 10 sets
Back Squat x 3@84%

EMOM 10 minutes
Evens:  15 Pushups
Odds:   10 Power Cleans, 135 / 95

Today is a dropped percentage on the back squats.  Pay attention to your form and reinforce good movement patterns.  Attention to detail now will pay dividends under heavier weight down the road.  The EMOM should be hard but, it very doable.  Just keep your foot on the pedal while you’re moving.

Post WOD
Roll out your quads and hamstrings.  LAX ball upper pecs and shoulders.