10 / 1 / 2014

The legs will get a little break today. The warmup will focus on lockout position overhead by stretching the shoulders and lats effectively.

12 min clock
Strict Handstand Push-ups / Handstand holds
*** Four sets to get max rep Strict Handstand Push-ups or max time Handstand/Headstand Holds or Handstand to Headstand negatives.


4 Sets
10 Bar or Ring Rows

We will spend the first 12 minutes of the workout on four sets of max rep Strict Handstand Pushups. If you remember the number you got two weeks ago, shoot for at least one more rep, or a more difficult scale of Strict Handstand Pushups.

After the 12 minutes we will set-up for some more strict work with Barbell Rows. With your feet on a 24″ or 20″ box we will do four sets of 10 strict rows. Keep the lats and legs engaged and pull until your chest touches the bar.

Post WOD
LAX Ball lats, shoulders and T-Spine.

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