9 / 27 / 2014

General warmup and core. For our warm-up we will have a little fun with Mike Burgener’s Junk Yard Dog

5 Rounds
Min 1:  6 Power Snatches, 75 / 45 & 10 Pushups
Min 2:  6 Power Snatches & 15 Situps
Min 3:  6 Power Snatches & 8 Box Jumps, 24 / 20

The WOD will be a series of 3 EMOMs repeated for 5 rounds. Each minute begins with 6 light, fast Power Snatches followed by a different gymnastics movement each minute. Get through the snatches quickly and efficiently so there is enough time to do the Push-ups, Sit-ups and Box Jumps. Your score will be number of rounds completed.

Post WOD
Roll calves and hamstrings.  LAX ball T-Spine and delts.

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