9 / 24 / 2014

General warmup. We will focus on the lats, hips and hamstrings today.

EMOM 5 min
5 Strict Pullups or
5 Strict C2B Pullups

3 Person Teams
EMOM 15 min
Max Calorie Row
Max Rep Burpees

*** Person 1 starts on rower, Person 2 on Burpees and Person 3 rest. Rotate every minute (Rowing, Burpee, Rest)***

Time to get on the rig and work on strict Pull-ups or strict C2B if you can get there.
We did a WOD with these same movements just a couple weeks ago, but the structure is a little different. Teams will look for max effort every minute they are working. Stay under control during both movements and keep a strong, steady pace.

Post WOD
Roll quads, calves, hams and lats.

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