9 / 22 / 2014

General warmup. Hip, ankle and squat MOB to prepare for the best bottom position possible today.

Set New
1RM Back Squat

Run, 800m

This is a big day. Although the Back Squats have been the accessory work to really develop stronger Front Squats those of us who have been able to Back Squat every week of the cycle should see a nice strength gain here as well. We are going to take our time and be smart about our warm-up reps so that we are properly greased for our new max. All of the key points of performance should be firmly engrained in our brains now. Don’t miss any of them here. Please, please take a moment prior to attempting a new max to talk to your coaches about it. For one, we are excited to see what you have all accomplished these 12 weeks; and two, we want to be able to see how you do and have an opportunity to coach if something might not look perfect before you add more weight.
We’ll cooldown after everyone is done with a nice 800m victory lap, and roll out the sore spots in the legs.

Post WOD
Roll quads, hamstings and calves.

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