10 / 1 / 2014

The legs will get a little break today. The warmup will focus on lockout position overhead by stretching the shoulders and lats effectively.

12 min clock
Strict Handstand Push-ups / Handstand holds
*** Four sets to get max rep Strict Handstand Push-ups or max time Handstand/Headstand Holds or Handstand to Headstand negatives.


4 Sets
10 Bar or Ring Rows

We will spend the first 12 minutes of the workout on four sets of max rep Strict Handstand Pushups. If you remember the number you got two weeks ago, shoot for at least one more rep, or a more difficult scale of Strict Handstand Pushups.

After the 12 minutes we will set-up for some more strict work with Barbell Rows. With your feet on a 24″ or 20″ box we will do four sets of 10 strict rows. Keep the lats and legs engaged and pull until your chest touches the bar.

Post WOD
LAX Ball lats, shoulders and T-Spine.

9 / 30 / 2014

General warmup.  Today our focus in on the shoulders, lats, hips and calves.

EMOM 6 minutes
5 Strict Pullups or
5 Strict C2B Pullups

2 Person Teams
For Time
120 Double Unders
60 Deadlifts, 225 / 155
60 Box Jump Overs, 24 / 20
60 Wall Balls, 20 / 14

One person working at a time.

We’ve added a minute to last week’s Strict Pull-up EMOM. When you initiate the pull don’t just pull yourself straight up, think about also pushing yourself away as you pull up. This creates more external rotation of your shoulders and torque for maximum efficiency. If five Strict Pull-ups is “too easy,” make them Strict Chest-to-bars instead.
The Metcon gives us a little taste of what the Iron Eagle competitors will be facing. Two person teams will work through the waterfall style workout with one person working at a time. The reps can be split however you choose.

Post WOD
Roll glutes, hamstrings and calves.  LAX Ball the shoulders.

9 / 29 / 2014

General warmup. Banded squat to improve the bottom position of the squat, along with some T-Spine and lats MOBs to improve the overhead portion of today.

2 Rounds
6 OH Squats w/ a 2 second pause
@50% of 1RM
Rest 1 minute between sets.

Every 2 min for 10 min
5 Back Squats

For Time
30 Clean & Jerks, 135 / 95
7 min cap

We are starting a new 12 week program focusing on very strong overhead position development. The Overhead Squats need to be light this week. Our focus is on maintaining strong overhead position for higher reps while at the bottom of the squat. So we will be holding each Overhead Squat for 2 seconds. As the weeks go by we will be increasing the weight and reps systematically, so DO NOT load up too much weight today.
Next we will quickly load up for Back Squats. We don’t want to lose anything we gained during the past 12 weeks, so we will continue to squat, just with a change-up in the scheme. These are meant to be 5 sets of 5 unbroken reps, so again, DO NOT load up too much weight today. It will get heavier down the road.
The Metcon will be quick and painful. Grace is designed to be done as quickly as possible, hence the short time cap. If rx’d will take you longer than 7 minutes to complete, drop the weight to something you can get done. Everyone should finish this workout.

Post WOD
Roll hamstrings and lats.  LAX Ball T-Spine.

9 / 27 / 2014

General warmup and core. For our warm-up we will have a little fun with Mike Burgener’s Junk Yard Dog

5 Rounds
Min 1:  6 Power Snatches, 75 / 45 & 10 Pushups
Min 2:  6 Power Snatches & 15 Situps
Min 3:  6 Power Snatches & 8 Box Jumps, 24 / 20

The WOD will be a series of 3 EMOMs repeated for 5 rounds. Each minute begins with 6 light, fast Power Snatches followed by a different gymnastics movement each minute. Get through the snatches quickly and efficiently so there is enough time to do the Push-ups, Sit-ups and Box Jumps. Your score will be number of rounds completed.

Post WOD
Roll calves and hamstrings.  LAX ball T-Spine and delts.

9 / 26 / 2014

General warmup. Today’s focus is on the lats, hips capsule, hip flexors and the calves.

10 min clock
1 x 10@65%
1 x 8@70%
1 x 6@75%
1 x 4@80%
1 x 2@85%

12 – 9 – 6 – 9 – 12
Power Clean, 135 / 95
C2B Pullups
Run 200m after each round

Deadlift strength in a slightly different format today. Start with 65% of your 1rm Deadlift. After each set the reps will decrease by 2, but the weight will increase 5%. The idea is to make each set unbroken to help us build our multi-rep working capacity. Clean grip is rx’d to continue to become comfortable with the functional grip.

The WOD has a fun palindrome rep scheme. Don’t go too fast out of the gate while you are fresh. It will really catch up with you in the last two rounds as the reps increase again. Breathing and pace are the keys to success here.

Post WOD
Roll glutes, hamstrings and lats.

9 / 25 / 2014

General warmup. Today’s focus will be on a good front rack position, open hips and upright posture in the bottom of the squat.

Set New
1RM Front Squat

2 Rounds
Row, 500m

*** Cooldown pace. Rest between rounds to let others row***

I know we all just set a new max last week, but for those of us who did the reps as instructed it was only a 4 to 8% increase. Today we will see exactly how much better our Front Squats have gotten over these 12 weeks. We will again spend a good amount of our time with warm-up reps before making our first attempts. Also, please let a coach know when you attempt a new max so they can observe it and offer any coaching necessary.
Our cooldown today will be on the rowers. Take turns getting 2 rounds of 500m each, then finish with rolling out the legs and lats if needed.

Post WOD
Roll glutes, quads and claves. Lats optional.

9 / 24 / 2014

General warmup. We will focus on the lats, hips and hamstrings today.

EMOM 5 min
5 Strict Pullups or
5 Strict C2B Pullups

3 Person Teams
EMOM 15 min
Max Calorie Row
Max Rep Burpees

*** Person 1 starts on rower, Person 2 on Burpees and Person 3 rest. Rotate every minute (Rowing, Burpee, Rest)***

Time to get on the rig and work on strict Pull-ups or strict C2B if you can get there.
We did a WOD with these same movements just a couple weeks ago, but the structure is a little different. Teams will look for max effort every minute they are working. Stay under control during both movements and keep a strong, steady pace.

Post WOD
Roll quads, calves, hams and lats.

9 / 23 / 2014

General warmup. Overhead and Lat MOBs for HSPU positioning and some calf work for the skill portion of today.

Skill (5 min)
Work on double unders or triple unders

6 Rounds
6 – 1 HSPU
25 Medball Slams

We’re starting out with a quick skill session with the speed ropes. If you have double unders, play around with triple unders as KnightsPTR HQ has been known to throw them into workouts of late. It won’t be long before they end up in the Open. If you still scale to singles in workouts now is a good opportunity to just work on as many double unders as you can in the five minutes.

The WOD consists of decending reps of HSPU’s (strict or kipping is fine) and the always fun Medball Slams. Focus on a tight core throughout the entire workout, especially when the shoulders start to burn.

Post WOD
Roll quads, calves and lats.

9 / 22 / 2014

General warmup. Hip, ankle and squat MOB to prepare for the best bottom position possible today.

Set New
1RM Back Squat

Run, 800m

This is a big day. Although the Back Squats have been the accessory work to really develop stronger Front Squats those of us who have been able to Back Squat every week of the cycle should see a nice strength gain here as well. We are going to take our time and be smart about our warm-up reps so that we are properly greased for our new max. All of the key points of performance should be firmly engrained in our brains now. Don’t miss any of them here. Please, please take a moment prior to attempting a new max to talk to your coaches about it. For one, we are excited to see what you have all accomplished these 12 weeks; and two, we want to be able to see how you do and have an opportunity to coach if something might not look perfect before you add more weight.
We’ll cooldown after everyone is done with a nice 800m victory lap, and roll out the sore spots in the legs.

Post WOD
Roll quads, hamstings and calves.

9 / 20 / 2014

General warmup. Hamstring, hip, front rack and calf MOBs.

4 Rounds
Run, 400m
3 Squat Cleans, 165 / 115
2 Rounds of Cindy

Today we have a tough grinder. After you complete your run and the 3 Squat (full) Cleans you will then complete 2 rounds of “Cindy”: 5 Pullups, 10 Pushup and 15 Air Squats. That will complete the 1st full round of the WOD.

Post WOD
Roll quads, hamstrings and lats. Afterward, spend some extra time on what else may be nagging this week.