7 / 28 / 2014

We are going to work on our squat position ROM today with the banded squat hold as well as loosen up our Achilles.

EMOM 10 minutes
Back Squat x 3@87%


Amrap 10 minutes
10 Pushups
10 Box Jumps, 24 / 20
Run, 100m

Comp:  30 / 24

Its Monday again and that means Back Squat day. Once again the percentage of weight has gone up and this is going to be a challenging EMOM. However, we are getting stronger. Remember the points of performance here on the squat, keep your weight in your heels with your chest up and getting below parallel. For the Metcon today we have a triplet of push ups box jumps and running. Its only 10 minutes so you will need to push it on the runs to get back to the box jumps and push ups. For the push ups make sure your chest is touching the floor and you push all the way to full extension. The same goes for the box jumps make sure on the box you get to full extension before coming off the box.

Post WOD
Roll quads, hamstrings and calves.

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