7 / 25 / 2014

Today we are going to mobilize our front rack position after our squat cycle yesterday, working on getting that loose for todays WOD. We are also going to stretch out our lats with the bowling stretch.

EMOM 5 minutes
Hang Power Clean x 3@70%


7 Rounds
7 T2B
7 Hang Power Clean, 115 / 75

Comp:  155 / 95

Today is another couplet with a rig movement. Today it is T2B and hang cleans. For the T2b utilize your kip as much as possible to help you through them. Also remember to watch your hands here, pick manageable sets and knock them out. For the Hang cleans remember to keep your elbows high on the pull and throw your elbows through fast. It is a moderate weight again, if you can go unbroken DO IT! HOOK GRIP!! If going unbroken isnt in your bag then once again pick manageable sets and push through it.

Post WOD
Roll Lats and hamstrings.

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