7 / 23 / 2014

WE are going to start today by warming up our shoulder ROM with some banded shoulder stretches, as well as a portion of Coach Burgener’s warm up to get our bodies prepared for the snatches in the WOD.

For Time
50 Wall Balls, 20 / 14
40 Situps
30 Box Jumps, 24 / 20
20 Hang Power Snatch, 95 / 65
10 Burpees

Comp: 30 / 24 & 135 / 95

This WOD is a chipper meaning it is FOR TIME. Now with that being said you should not be moving so fast that your form goes out the window. Make sure that you are moving quickly but still maintaining good form. Remember to hit proper squat depth on the wall balls and the points of performance on the snatches. Its lighter weight so you can move quickly, so get after it!

Post WOD
Lax Ball T-spine and delts.  PVC Quads.

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