Why I KnightsPTR

Fitness has always been a part of my life from the time that I was in middle school to when I graduated high school but it all seemed to fall apart after that. Once I started college I was so burnt out on going to the gym every day and told myself that I didn’t have any time to do so. From that point on I hardly set foot in a gym, and to be brutally honest, I did nothing physical for a long time; but that was all about to change.

Fast forward a couple of years and I’m a senior in college and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (which is weird because I was starting grad school the next semester) when something just blind-sided me. I had always considered myself a very strong person (mentally), but that all changed when I developed a weird case of anxiety that rocked my world. It was so bad that I considered quitting school and moving back home so that I wouldn’t have to be alone. By the grace of God, and some great friends and KnightsPTR, that all changed. When I was going through my roughest patch, my roommate, Drew Hardison, told me that I needed to do something that would take my mind off of things, something to channel all of that energy toward and he suggested KnightsPTR. He had taken the KnightsPTR class through Tech that semester and fell in love with it. I had nothing to lose so I decided to give it a shot.

I walk through the door for the first time and there is loud music playing, people laying all over the floor looking like they are dying and all I can think is “what have I let Drew talk me into?” As I’m standing there scared out of my mind, Drew introduces me to Cory Stephens and all I can think is that I hope that he is not a jerk who tries to intimidate me on my first day of trying this out; but, much to my surprise, he was nothing like that, he had nothing but positive things to say to me and encouraged me to try the workout for that day. Let me tell you I have never hated and loved something so much in my life. I hated it because it made me feel like crap and reminded me that I have not done anything physical in a very long time, but I loved it because of the state of mind I was in. It was as if everything that was going on around me and everything that I was going through just faded away and it was just me and the bar.

Since that day I have been addicted and, to be honest, that is what I needed. This wonderful thing called KnightsPTR gave me something to look forward to each day and kept me looking ahead instead of dwelling on what was happening around me. I can just say that KnightsPTR has helped me mentally, but also physically, and has just made me feel better about myself. It has also given me a family of people that have the same end goal as me, and that is to work hard, better myself and have fun while doing so. I have gone from the guy who said that I would only run from the couch to the dinner table to the guy that will run a mile, do 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, 300 air squats and then run another mile, all with a 20 pound vest on.

So, after 8 months and almost 40 pounds, thank you KnightsPTR, in particular KnightsPTR, for giving me my life back.

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