No More Rash!!

Like some of you, I both smile and cringe when I see sit-ups in tomorrow’s WOD. I suffer from an embarrassing condition that I will refer to as “sit-up rash”. I had never heard of this condition personally until I finally did some research of my own on different KnightsPTR websites. I also discovered that not everyone is susceptible to getting this rash; only those with a certain body structure. I am going to share what I have learned with you in hopes of helping others that deal with this irritating issue.

Anytime I do a great deal of sit-ups, I develop an area, of what is essentially carpet burn, around my tailbone. This can vary in its severity depending on quantity of sit-ups, what you wear, how far your tailbone protrudes, and the surface you do sit-ups on. It has been an issue that can really hurt, and leave a scar if you are not careful.

I have found a few things that can help however.

  • I always try to slather on some kind of anti-friction lotion over my tailbone (you can often find this stuff in the runners supply stores).
  • I try and only do sit-ups on surfaces that are soft and surfaces I can’t slide around on.
  • I try to use a folded Yoga mat over my Ab mat so that I am sitting on the Yoga mat.
  • I try and wear tight shorts that don’t scoot around.

These suggestions won’t keep you from developing a rash altogether, but it won’t be as bad, and it will take longer to develop one. I hope this helps!


If you have any other suggestions or tricks, please leave them in the comments section.

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  1. Lani Johnson
    Lani Johnson says:

    This from a scarred beginner:
    Place your abmat on a gym mat and there’s no rash, no scarring. Several sit-up stations fit on a single gym mat.
    Short people are susceptible, specifically those whose waist-to-touchdown areas are short. If your buns slide up and down the abmat as you flex and contract in a situp, rash city. So if there’s no gym mat, I use anything, even my sweater, to lift my buns a bit.

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