Online Sign-In

Creating an account:

Alright boys and girls, here are the instructions for getting set up to sign yourselves into class online.

In the navigation bar at the top of the website there is a tab labeled “Community”. When you hover over it a dropdown will appear. “Class Sign-In” will be one of them. Once you click it you will be taken to our mindbody site.

You will see two boxes. One labeled “Been here before?” and the other labeled “New to our site?”
Your first time you will need to create an account. So fill out the boxes in “New to our site?”. Click Next.

When the next page loads you will see Find Account. Click “This is me!”. Then follow the directions to create your account.

From now on you will sign in through the “Been here before?” box.

Signing into class:

1) Login using the account you created.
2) Once you’re logged in click the KnightsPTR Classes tab.
3) Find the day and time you want to sign into class and click “sign up now”.

It will ask if you want to make a single reservation or a recurring one. A single will sign you into that class only. Please only use the recurring option if you know that you will consistently make that class time on that day.

As long as your membership is current the system will let you sign into class.

We appreciate your effort in helping us make this transition smoother.

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