Crystal’s Story

My name is Crystal Bryant. I am 18 years old, and I go to Upperman High School. I currently am the catcher for Upperman‘s crystalsoftball team. Next year I will be going to college at Cumberland Univeristy to continue my softball career. When I am not on the field I am in the gym training. I never thought I would enjoy working out so much, but I look foward to go to the gym everyday. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Crystal, moments before taking 2nd in Johnson City.
I have played softball nearly my whole life, and I was not ever big into exercise other than that. I was out of shape and weak when one day Honey Badger (a.k.a. Allison LaChance) told me to come try KnightsPTR with her. I decided I would and I’m not exaggerating when I say it changed my life.

I come back every week because even though the workouts are hard and they hurt I love how I feel when I’m done. I feel like I accomplish something every time I’m in the gym. Everyone feels like family and we are all so close, so just one day of not being in the gym feels like forever.

Some of my biggest fears were if I could actually do KnightsPTR. I have always seen these physically fit people, and I thought to myself I am too weak or out of shape.

I am glad I overcame many things. I never thought I would be able to climb a rope or lift as much weight as I do. I remember working on pull-ups every time I came in to the gym. I was so determined to just get one. Once I got my first pull-up they just kept coming from there.

Picking out one memory as my favorite is hard because there are so many. After every workout we all congratulate each other, or when someone accomplishes something they have been working on for a while you can see the excitement and how proud Cory, Chrissy, Murph, and Johnny are of you. My all time favorite memory was when I came in second in Johnson City. I remember how I felt in the last workout and how I heard everyone cheering me on. I was thinking how am I going to finish this workout, but with the support of everyone I made it through. It was an amazing feeling to have so many people being supportive and happy for you. We truly are a family and that is what makes the gym so amazing.

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