Joy“Joy” …. Joy is a progression chart explaining the KnightsPTR experience . Everyone walks through our doors “seeking” something. For each person it is different; but ultimatelyI think we are all seeking “joy” in one form or another. This is my perception of change that individuals go through on their KnightsPTR journey at Knights. I say Knights specifically because I truly believe we have developed a culture inside these walls that transcends the physical location of the gym. It’s more than the typical “KnightsPTRters always talk about KnightsPTR.”, it’s embracing people as family that aren’t related to you be blood.


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  1. Sabrina
    Sabrina says:

    I right this comment starting with a heavy sigh. I know you’re expecting something but I’m hoping to surprise you.

    I think this is a great graphic. I had to ponder and study it quite a bit, but I love what it says. I think everyone comes in seeking that physical change and then they get blindsided by the mental change. They realize this really is something *anyone* can do and as miserable as it they love it. I believe that for people who buy into the community created at Knights they stay, not just for for the physical changes they seek, but also for the family that is more than family. Those who don’t become part of the family (and now I’m thinking of Jim Jones and Kool-Aid), those people who simply come in, workout, and leave are more likely to walk out the door and not come back. They are missing a huge part of the Knights community.

    I know that, personally, if I hadn’t found the family block I would not still be here if I was just looking for joy through virtuosity (nice word choice by the way); because we all know that is not where my heart is. My heart is with the people. And, as coaches, I feel like that is where your hearts are and that is why people stay long enough to find the joy.

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