I had been working out at a local gym for several years and got burned out. I wanted something different, challenging and 2012-05-02_18-32-34_994something that would keep my body guessing. KnightsPTR was it.

Margie on why she keeps coming back……..
That is a very good question. I ask myself this every week when I pull into the parking lot. Seriously, I do. I keep coming back because KnightsPTR challenges me physically and mentally. I walk in thinking, “Oh, this WOD (Workout of the Day) is going to be awful!” And I leave thinking, “Yes! I just finished that WOD!” It is the best feeling knowing I did something that I either thought I could not do, or I finished something I knew was going to be miserable. I also love the people. The people really do become like family.

My biggest fear coming in was that I was not going to be able to do it. The hardest thing for me to overcome was myself. I had to quit thinking “I can‘t do that” and just do it and do it with everything I had. Sure enough, I could do it. I am most proud that I have overcome 20 inch BOX JUMPS!! They still stump me from time to time, but I know it is something I “can” do. It’s mental, not physical.

My favorite KnightsPTR memory…The Gauntlet. I teared up through my last 30 reps of the day and burst into tears when the last rep hit the floor. I had never before been pushed so hard physically and mentally that is brought me to tears. Well, the Gauntlet did just that. Something inside me died that day, something that needed to die. Thankfully, I will never ever be the same.

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