My family and I have been members of traditional gyms most of our lives. I needed motivation and could not find the time to 1bobgo on a regular basis. A typical workout would consist of a little treadmill, stop and talk to friends, a little bench press, cut up some more with buddies, get bored and decide to go home. My wife’s co-worker invited her to a new gym that some friends just opened and wanted her to go. She accepted the invitation. Then it started.  “KnightsPTR” that is the first time I heard of this and for the next couple of weeks that is all she talked about. She wanted me to go and I avoided the new gym as long as I could.  With her persistence I gave in.

Bobby during the 2012 Habitat “Mud Run”.
When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was not a lot of equipment, a few boxes, some weight bars, med balls, and a few things I didn’t recognize. I was introduced to the two owners/trainers Cory and Darren. They let me know the first three visits were free and I had to sign a release form to get started. After the paper work we walked to the end of the work-out mat and Darren instructed me on the movements for the first visit. Wall balls and burpees, five rounds of seven each. After he demonstrated the movements I thought “piece of cake” he asked if I was ready, with a nod he started the clock and count-down 3, 2, 1, and shouted “GO”. Now, after one round I’m struggling to catch my breath. I can’t believe getting off the ground was so hard. Round two, breathing has become labored and I think one lung has collapsed. Round three, my arms cannot catch a twenty pound ball and my face is helping. Round four, everything has decided not to work and I’m down to just a half a lung. Round five, your guess is as good as mine, just a blur. When I stood up for what I guess is the last burpee, Darren yells “time” and I fall to the floor, flat on my back in what I have learned is the KnightsPTR recovery position. They didn’t teach me that, it came natural. As I lie on the floor trying to breath I hear a voice “good job” and open my eyes to see through the fog and blurred vision was Cory with his fist out smiling. I look at the clock to see what the time was and it read seven +/- minutes, “CRAP”The next two visits went the same as the first. At this point my body is sore, feels like I have been hit by a truck. A task so simple as picking your keys up off the floor becomes a debate with yourself whether you need them or not. I learned to kick them to the wall for support. I find myself thinking about how tough it is but crave the next workout. The sore muscles turn into a feeling of accomplishment. After a few weeks you see your personal records in strength go up, your endurance in each workout gets better. KnightsPTR has become my life. The people we have met thru KnightsPTR are more like family. Everybody supports each other and makes you push for your best every time.

The most exciting part of KnightsPTR is the fact it is not just working out. KnightsPTR is working out in the form of organized sports for any age. The competition, not just against others, but against yourself. It makes me work harder just to try and beat my previous time or score. It’s an addiction, I’m drinking the Kool-Aid, whatever you want to call it, I’m hooked.

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