3 / 18 / 2012


is the word most often used when we speak of these two.  The hard work and dedication they put into KnightsPTR and bettering themselves is an example anyone could live by.  They were the only athletes to complete the “burpee mile”.  The burpee mile being burpee broad jumps for a distance of 1600 meters.  I must say, 1600 meters, isn’t a walk in the park….. more like a crawl.  See what I did there??  Anyway, once again Allison (a.k.a. Honey Badger), cuz she just don’t care, and Crystal (a.k.a. Truhbul) gave us another instance in which to use the word proud when speaking of them.  Just to get to sit back and watch the transformation these two have made is just amazing.  Watch out for these ladies, they’re both gonna do great things.  Over 600 burpees and a little under 3 hours later, they both proved to themselves that they can do anything they set their mind to.  Once again…..


Honey Badger (left)- 2 hrs 43 min

Truhbul (right)- 2 hrs 8 min

Rest Day

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  1. Keisha Kennedy
    Keisha Kennedy says:

    I am also proud of these ladies. They show resilience and strength far beyond their years every day. I am so inspired by them! Go Allison and Crystal. You get it girls 🙂

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