3 / 12 / 2012


is one of the, if not, the most important part of changing the way you eat.  We all “mean well” and are “going” to start eating healthier….tomorrow.  The problem with tomorrow is that most have not planned for tomorrow.  Tomorrow is not the best day to go Hardcore on a life changing diet revolution…IF, you haven’t planned for it.  I’m not claiming to be some kind of food guru, but I do know that changing the way you eat for the better and the long run does not happen day to day.  It happens with a well thought out plan and some effort.  Below is a picture of a well thought out weeks worth of food.  All it took was some planning, a trip to the grocery store, and an afternoons worth of effort.  This is how it should look in your fridge if you eat to perform at your best.

10 minute Amrap

Squat Clean, 2 reps 165 lbs / 115 lbs

Muscle Up, 1 rep

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